¿Esperar que + subjunctive?

The subjunctive is used in dependent clauses after expressions of will, desire, and orders whenever there are two different subjects in the two clauses linked by the subordinating conjunction que. List of common verbs expressing will and desire:

esperar que (to hope that…): Espero que tengas razón. - I hope you are right

querer que... (to want that…): Quiero que lo consigas. - I want you to get it.

pedir que... (to ask that…): Te pido que lo olvides, por favor. - I am asking you to forget it please.                                           

preferir que (to prefer that…): Preferimos que no traigas nada. - We prefer you don't bring anything.

ordenar/mandar que (to order that…): Mandó limpiar la casa. - He/She ordered to clean the house.

desear que (to desire that…) Deseo que apruebes tu examen. - I wish you pass your exam.

exigir que (to require that…): Os exijo que lo arregléis. - I require you to fix it.

temer que (to fear that): Temo que no me hables más - I fear you don't talk to me anymore.

Regular verbs (subjunctive):

hablar - to speak

beber - to drink

vivir - to live

Irregular verbs (subjunctive):

ser - to be

ir - to go

venir - to come

estar - to be

tener - to have

hacer - to do

dar - to give

ver - to see

saber - to know

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